pellet fires

Pellet Fires

Pellet fires are easy to use. They burn pellets made from wood waste, so you don’t need to source and cut firewood.

wood fires

Wood Fires

If you want the ambience of a conventional fireplace, a free-standing or built-in wood fire could be perfect for your home.

electric fires

Electric Fires

Electric fireplaces offer convenient heating for your home or apartment. Just push the button and it’s ready to go.

outdoor fires

Outdoor Fires

Take your outdoor entertainment area to the next level with an outdoor fireplace, complete with cooking options.

All your heating needs

When calling Fire Fly for your heating requirements, you can be assured we will take care of everything for you, from beginning to end including a home heating assessment for fire suitability for size of house and arranging permits.

Open during the week by appointment. Open after hours and weekends by appointment. Please phone first, as we may be out on an installation or servicing.